The Phoenix Symphony is excited to announce we are upgrading to a new, easy-to-use ticketing system. During this transition, our TICKETING SYSTEM IS DOWN September 11, 12, 13, and 14. Our new ticketing system will be live on September 15. Sorry for any inconvenience. Feel free to browse our performances in the meantime.

Vision, Mission & Values


The Phoenix Symphony will be the arts leader in the revitalization of a thriving Arizona.

In ten years, The Phoenix Symphony will be a cultural icon and a reason people will like to live in Arizona whether they attend concerts or not.  And, the Symphony will be one of the many compelling reasons people will want to move to Arizona.  This will happen because our community will recognize that the Symphony provides unparalleled civic value.


Our mission is to provide the joy of music as a catalyst in helping Arizona to become the best place in America to work and live.

We will do this by creating high quality musical experiences:

-to feed the souls of our residents

-to bolster the cultural economy

-to educate and strengthen our next generation resulting in a creative workforce


We value and honor the power of music.

We value and celebrate creative abandon paired with the common sense of running a business.

We value being open and honest with ourselves and with our community.

We value and understand the critical importance of our next generation.  That’s why we dedicate ourselves to impacting them in a positive way.

We value the constituent parts of our organization and understand that success results from cooperation and shared purpose.

We value our community, particularly those who engage with us in our mission through the gracious gift of their valuable resource be it time, money or patronage.


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