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Arizona PBS: The Phoenix Symphony blends classical music, hip hop in ‘The Resurrection Mixtape’

May 15, 2024


The Phoenix Symphony’s upcoming “The Resurrection Mixtape” performances will be a celebration of hip hop. Composer Steve Hackman fuses classical music with Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur in this unconventional and groundbreaking performance.

The audience is expected to rap along and enjoy the non-traditional atmosphere.

When creating the production, Hackman picked Mahler’s Second Symphony and fused it with Biggie and Tupac’s music. As Mahler’s music whirls and rises, the audience will be reminded of the profound legacy of these two rappers, who, 25 years after their deaths, are as relevant and essential as ever.

Hackman is a composer, conductor, producer, DJ, arranger, songwriter, singer, and pianist. He calls “The Resurrection Mixtape” a transformative exploration of life, death, legacy, struggle and triumph.

The show runs May 17 to 19 at Symphony Hall. Visit The Phoenix Symphony website for tickets and more information.

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