Frank Sinatra, Jr.

Frank Sinatra, Jr. was born in New Jersey, raised in California, and educated in the showrooms of Las Vegas and on stages all over the world.

Frank Sinatra, Jr. found himself catapulted into a position he never sought but must have surely contemplated.  The songs of Sinatra need to be sung and Frank Jr. has inherited that honor.  In song and style Frank Sinatra, Jr. pays homage to his father, the singer, the man, and the music that defines the Sinatra legend with his current show, “Sinatra Sings Sinatra”.         

Audiences who have attended these performances have come away delighted to have heard the music of Sinatra performed by the greatest living authority on Sinatra music, who is also the one vocalist most qualified to sing them.

Beginning in 1988, at his father’s request, Frank served as conductor and musical director for his father’s final years of live performing, earning Frank, Jr. the respect of the musicians and those in the audience for the devotion and skill he brought to the job.

Currently, Frank enjoys touring in many countries, on the stages of casino show rooms, performing art centers, theatres, and the halls of the world's greatest symphony orchestras.

In May of 2015, Frank Sinatra, Jr. will be performing his new multi media show, “Sinatra Sings Sinatra, As I Remember It”, the Centennial Celebration.  In stories, photos, videos and songs, Frank Sinatra Jr. delivers first-hand recollections of life on and off stage with his iconic father.