The Phoenix Symphony is excited to announce we are upgrading to a new, easy-to-use ticketing system. During this transition, our TICKETING SYSTEM IS DOWN September 11, 12, 13, and 14. Our new ticketing system will be live on September 15. Sorry for any inconvenience. Feel free to browse our performances in the meantime.

Our Staff

President’s Office
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President & CEO, Peter Kjome
Executive Assistant, Sarah Braucht

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Vice President of Development, Nicole Peña
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Robert Bondlow
Director of Development, Dawn Farley

Education & Community Engagement
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Senior Director of Education, Valerie Bontrager
Community Engagement Manager, Jordanna Matlock

Finance & Administration
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Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration, Susan Haag
Director of Human Resources, Lynn Dombrosky
Database Administration Manager, Roberta “Bobby” Jiminez
Finance and Administration Manager, Jennifer Wagoner
Payroll Coordinator, Suwanee Christee

Audience Engagement
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Vice President of Audience Engagement, Rachel Dahl
Assistant Director of Patron Services, Ignacia Conchas
Digital Storytelling & Marketing Manager, Kayleigh Gallagher
Group Sales and Special Projects Manager, Naomi Martinez-Goldstick
Marketing and Communications Assistant, Hailey Forbis
Lead Patron Services Representative, Nikolas Mase
Patron Services Representative, Bria Gaucin
Patron Services Representative, Sophia Wetzel

Operations & Production
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Vice President of Orchestral Operations and Artistic Administration, Christopher Powell
Director of Production, Shawn King
Artistic Administrator, Anna Galura Summers
Production and Stage Manager, Michaela Wooldridge
Orchestra Personnel Manager, Lawson Malnory
Head Librarian, Heather Jackson
Assistant Librarian, Adrienne Finet
Assistant Stage Manager and Personnel Assistant, Adam Norton
Project Managers of Preludes Series, Evan Kirschbaum
Project Managers of Preludes Series, Ethan Fox


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