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The Phoenix Symphony Goes to School

September 26, 2012                                                                                 

The Phoenix Symphony Goes To School
Symphonic ensembles present cross-curricular concerts

PHOENIX – Beginning Tuesday October 2, 2012 The Phoenix Symphony heads back to schools throughout the Valley for its annual Bach-In-Roll and Classroom Concert series. Musicians from the Symphony perform and moderate curriculum-based programs that connect music with academic concepts and inspire students to become involved in school music programs. Bach-In-Roll and Classroom Concerts take place in school cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries and classrooms at Elementary schools in the greater metro Phoenix area.

“The Phoenix Symphony’s Bach-In-Roll and Classroom Concert series are vital to fulfilling our education mission to educate and strengthen the next generation, resulting in a creative workforce for Arizona.” stated Jim Ward, President and CEO of The Phoenix Symphony. “Our Symphony is proud to work with thousands of children and hundreds of schools, the majority of which are Title I and often lack access to music education.”

Four music ensembles tour to schools throughout the Valley during the 2012-2013 school year. The wildly popular 20-piece String Ensemble performs Bach-In Roll concerts featuring two programs: The Building Blocks of Music which highlights music fundamentals such as melody and tempo; and The Science of Sound, a STEM-based program which demonstrates how vibration, frequency and amplitude function within string instruments. The Symphony’s Brass Quintet will present a Classroom Concert about how brass instruments are engineered and produce sound; and the Woodwind Quintet’s new Reach Out to Music program encourages students to engage with music as critical listeners. A new Percussion Quartet will begin touring in Spring 2013.

Media is invited to attend the Symphony’s Classroom Concerts.  Please contact [email protected] if interested.


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